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Need a Business Lawyer to review a contract or lease agreement?

In the course of doing business you may encounter a contract or lease agreement from a client or vendor that you need analyzed. Whether you need to check for legal compliance with a governing body or need to make a contract risk liability assessment for your business, we've got you covered. 

We advise a number of local businesses and business owners by reviewing their contracts and lease agreements before execution.  It is much cheaper to have a Business Attorney or Corporate Lawyer review and analyse a contract or lease agreement before you execute it to mitigate any potential future problems than to have to resolve a contract dispute in the future. Having a a Business Attorney review and analyse a contract or lease agreement for your business is a tried and true form of business liability insurance. 

We advise businesses and business owners on a flat fee basis and based on retainer, given the individual situation and client needs. Please contact our office for a quote from an experienced business lawyer today!