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What can I do about a Breach of Contract?

Individuals or parties who do not fulfill their end of their contractual obligations are known to be in "breach of contract". If you signed a contract with someone who is not holding up their end of the bargain, you can seek either specific performance or damages. 

Damages are usually monetary losses that can be measured. Specific performance is ordered by a court as a specific set of actions to be taken by the losing party, whereas damages are measured in a dollar amount. Whether you are seeking specific performance or damages from a defaulting contracted party we have options to help you.

Legal Options for Breach of Contract

Making Demands

If you have a contractual dispute and have exhausted all amicable avenues to resolve it, it may be time for you to get an attorney involved. The first legal step taken to try to resolve a contractual dispute is called a demand letter. 

If you need legal representation and a proper demand letter drafted and sent to a 3rd party, please contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and obtain a quote!

Pre-Suit Mediation

Sometimes, before we can file a law suit for you, you are required to attend pre-suit mediation.  It is not very common, but if you find yourself needing to attend a pre-suit mediation, you should not go to it alone. 

Mediation is an informal conference where the disputing parties meet together with a mediator. The mediator's job is to bring the parties closer to a resolution from being very far apart in their positions. A mediator can have the parties come to an agreement or impasse. 

It is imperative that you have solid counsel by your side for this mediation. Litigation is costly and a last ditch effort to resolve your contractual dispute should be executed at the highest level. Call our office today  to schedule a free initial consultation and obtain a quote!

Filing or Defending a Law Suit

 Businesses consider filing and defending law-suits as a cost of doing business. Individuals do not. However, individuals are just as likely to sue or be sued in their lifetime as well. 

Once all amicable avenues are exhausted in a contractual dispute, the parties usually need to head to court.  If you need to file or defend a law suit please contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and obtain a quote! 


Some businesses have an arbitration clause in their contract. Arbitration is similar to mediation but instead of a mediator there is an arbitrator. The arbitrator acts like a judge and drafts a legally binding decision for the parties to follow. 

The arbitration decision is legally binding and enforceable by the court of proper jurisdiction.  If you need counsel for an arbitration please contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and obtain a quote!  

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