Contract Review & Analysis

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If you are about to sign a contract, you should have an attorney review it first. Most people who have an attorney review a contract before they sign it, don't have problems related to that contract in the future.  It is a form of insurance. If you are unsure of what you are signing then you definitely need an attorney to review it first. 

It is much cheaper to have an attorney review and analyse a contract before you execute it to mitigate any potential future problems, than to have to resolve a contract dispute in the future. 

Having an attorney review and analyse a contract for you is a tried and true form of liability insurance. Don not be rushed into signing something you do not fully understand. If the other party has nothing to hide, then they will be happy to wait for you to have the contract fully reviewed and analyzed. We advise individuals on a flat fee basis and based on retainer, given the client's situation and needs. Please contact our office for a quote today!