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On-Demand Legal Services

For those people who would like to have a Real Estate Attorney on hand to deal with specific issues as they arise before closing, we can can charge a refundable retainer up-front and charge for any hourly work that is needed throughout the transaction. We perform work upon request, and when the job is done, we return the remainder of your retainer.

Basic Document Review & Closing Package

This is our most basic closing package and includes having your closing documents reviewed by our Real Estate Attorney prior to your closing at a title company. We review the closing documents for a low flat fee, for your peace of mind.

Full Service Closings

When you want all of your bases covered and need a Real Estate Attorney to oversee the entire transaction, from beginning to closing, you will need our full service closing package. We will oversee the realtors, the title company, the lender and mortgage broker, the home inspector, etc. We make sure that the transaction goes smoothly and everything is done right from before you sign the purchase agreement until after the closing. 

We follow up to make sure that the documents are recorded with the county and the funds are disbursed to the lien holder or seller. We make sure that everybody does what they are supposed to do all the way through the transaction. Prices vary for residential and commercial properties so please call our office today for a quote and to schedule your free initial consultation to speak with our Real Estate Attorney.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) clients will usually pick this package or services on demand.

Preparation of Deeds

We Draft all types of deeds for customers on demand:

- Warranty Deeds

- Special Warranty Deed 

- Quit Claim Deed

- Bargain & Sale Deed

- Ladybird Deeds or Life Estate Deeds

Please call our office for a quote.

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